Director, producer, screenplay:
Yavuz Özkan

Cast: Tarık Akan, Aureli Toledano, Ayşegül Aldinç, Anne Zacharias

Cinematography: Romain Windig

Score: Onno Tunç

(Turkey – France Co-Production)








A young man sentenced to death escapes from jail and flees to another country. Here he meets a woman on the verge of committing suicide. These two people, one wanted for and trying to escape from death and the other already close to it, falls in love although they do not have a common language to communicate. The young man is deported from this country. Since he has no place to go, he secretly returns to this own country. The woman follows him. They have a dream – like love affair in their hiding place. However, it does not take long for them to be found out and again it opens up to a chain of events where the women is deported and the man runs away…