Director, screenplay: Yavuz Özkan

Producer: Aycan Çetin

Cast: Alpay İzbırak, Burcu Salihoğlu, Nehir Çinkaya, Sermet Yeşil, Yiğit Sertdemir, Cengiz Tangör, Tuğrul Tülek, Murat Okay, Samet Karaman, Nuri Karadeniz, Göksun Çam, Güliz Pilge, Dizem Kaftan, Diğdem Germen, İnan Biçer, Grup Grizu, Meriç Memikoğlu, Emre Akdeniz, Kutay Yurdaer, Emre Şen

Cinematography: Ahmet Sesigürgil                               



A film director from the ’68 generation, who is not happy with the direction the world is headed, decides to intervene life through his own field. So he mortgages the land that he inherited from the family and his country house. His real concern is to not to make a film. It is to create a whole new production model, a new language, a new understanding of esthetics, and most importantly, a new production ethics, without getting involved in any kind of banality or cheapness.

He publishes a rapturous manifesto and makes a call to young people. It spreads quickly. At the announced day and time, the country house starts to fill up. The ones that come say that they came to be a part of the revolt, the rebellion mentioned in the manifesto. But in fact, most of them are just trying to get a job, sail on to a new life by having a part in a film. Out of over 300 candidates, 15 are chosen.

The director says, in the first meeting: “While choosing you, we have not looked at what you have or have not achieved before. We have looked at whether you have the courage to go after your heart and your intuition, whether you are someone who can have wild dreams. Because we are here to enrich the life we live with stories worth telling. Saying that “In the first place, you should have a story of your own. If you don’t have one, then you become a subject of other people’s stories.” He embarks upon an adventure to create his own stories.

The film will be shot in a vast land that looks like out of a fairy tale. Throughout the film, this location will be used as a show arena, a giant stage. Everything that happens on this stage will be shot in a musical harmony and with a taste of documentary.

Even though it is the story of a film being shot, not a single frame from the moment of the shooting or the film that is shot will be seen.