SEMINARS - Advertisement Seminars, Photography Seminars
WORKSHOPS - Acting Workshops, Screenplay / Dialogue Workshops, Cinematography Workshops




In Z-1 Film Studio, some seminars were done by important persons of the advertisement sector, for people who are interested in most dynamic sector of the age and want to develop themselves about this subject, in the following titles.

Ethic and Principles of Advertisement Practice

Relations with Client and Advertisement Directing

Creativeness for Communication

Advertisement Writing

Advertisement Graphic

Advertisement Production a) Publishing b) Film

Media Planning

Public Relations

Advertisement seminars were done between 6 May and 17 June in 1998.


Seminar Staff


Faruk Kaptan

Advertising and Advertisement Agency Organisation

Muhsin Kızılkaya

Advertisement Writing and Ethics

Melih Nedimoğlu

Relations with Advertisement Client and Advertisement Directing

Özkan Taner


Feridun Hürel

Creativeness for Communication

Deniz Mukan

Campaign Directing

Saime Akçura

Advertisement Production (Film)

Sinan Çetin

Advertisement Film

Hakkı Mısırlıoğlu

Advertisement Graphic

Serdar Erener

Ersin Salman

35 Years in Communication Sector

Oğuzhan Akay

Advertisement Writing

Hakan Akçura

Advertisement Production (Publishing)

Erhan Toprakkıran

Media Planning

Haluk Mesçi

Sinan Ünal

Nükhet Vardar

Nedim Göknil

Public Relations

Beysun Gökçin

Advertisement Photography



In 1998, Photography seminars were done under the titles of "General Photography", "Cameras", "Light" and "Camera Obscura".


It is absolute that, an artist under pressure who is in any branch of art will disappear in traps of continuing him/herself and monotony.

We believe that a person must renew him/herself in every fields of life. In our studying field, we organized these workshops in order to observe developments, new tendencies and different mentalities in the world.

Z-1 Film Studio started workshop studies on 23 April 1998. Workshops continued during the year.

Workshops consisted of four main parts. These were that screenplay which is the most important subject of Turkish Cinema, dialogue writing, acting and cinematography.



Actors / Actresses such as Halil Ergün, Nurseli İdiz, Meltem Cumbul, Nilüfer Açıkalın, who have played in significant productions and continue their careers successfully, together with new actors / actresses  such as Yeşim Salkım, Kerem Alışık and other famous names, have participated in ACTING workshops that commenced on May - July 1998, in order to renew themselves and to monitor the recent developments around the world.

In fact, the participations of our famous actor / actresses in these kind of performances are quite rare situations for us whereas it is known that worldwide stars such as Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster and many others famous actors / actresses are known to participate in such workshops.

Ergün, İdiz, Cumbul, Açıkalın, Salkım and Alışık have brought the developments around the world to our country, thus bringing a new dimension to the understanding of acting in our country. It is important to note that if acting does not feed itself consistently, it will continue to repeat itself over and over, losing originality.

The Acting workshops continued for 8 weeks, 6 hours each 12 times a week. Amateur performers also showed interest in the workshops, alongside professional actors / actresses.

Work under the titles Drama, Acting, Body Language, Movement, Performance Art, Speech, Aesthetics and Cinema Performance, was carried out in the Küçük Sahne Sadri Alışık Theatre complex.


Academic Staff


Thomas Rhys (Acting)

Goldsmiths University of London MA Directing for Theatre

Hull University BA Hons Drama

Member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain


Yeşim Özsoy (Performance Art)

Northwestern University Evanston IL

Sarah Lawrance College New York

Columbia University Critisizm of Modern Theatre


Nejat Birecik (Body Language)

Afşar Timuçin (Aesthetics)

Yavuz Özkan (Acting in Cinema)


Thomas Rhys, who was brought here from England for the workshops, studied at Hull University B.A. Hons Drama and Goldsmith University of London MA. Directing for Theatre. He is a member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain. He has directed several plays in many countries and carried out workshop studies and work. He has been given various awards in Scotland, Austria and England.

Performance Art was given by Yeşim Özsoy. After completing sociology at Boğaziçi University, she completed a master degree in Performance Art at Northwestern University Evanston IL, USA. Afterwards she received introduction to acting lessons at Columbia University Criticisizm of Modern Theatre, Cornell University Ithaca, Acting and Directing lessons at Sarah Lawrence College New York, USA. In addition, Nejat Birecik gave lessons on Drama, Ayda Aksel on Speech, Pronunciation and Articulation, Afşar Timuçin on Aesthetics and Yavuz Özkan on Cinema Acting.



In 1998, we have commenced work on Dialogue Writing which is not found in Turkish Cinema and also Screen Writing, which is one of Turkish Cinema's most important problems.


Academic Staff


Yvette Biro

New York University Tisch School of Art


Lazslo Orsos

Hungarian Academy of Drama, Film and TV


Barış Pirhasan

Işıl Özgentürk

Yavuz Özkan



In 1998, we gave lessons on Bases of Cinema, Filming Measures, Camera Movements, Filming Techniques and Camera and Lighting Matters.


Academic Staff


Tibor Klöpfler

Hungarian Academy of Drama, Film and TV


Atıf Yılmaz

Seçkin Yasar

Yavuz Özkan




1. Spanish Internal War and the Art

2. The History of Rock

3. Violent in Daily Life and Art

4. Turkish and World Cinema History

5. Post-modernism

6. Advertisements and Our Life

7. 'Second New' in Turkish Poem

8. Commune of Paris and the Art

9. Surrealism

10. Modernism in Art

11. Fantastic Cinema and Science Fiction

12. Popular Culture and the Media

13. Orientalism

14. State-Mafia-Art

15. Alternative Paper

16. Cartoon Movie

17. Woman in the Cinema

18. The Last Letters

19. Bach